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Art Basel Hong Kong 2015 Recap


Art Basel Hong Kong 2015 Recap


Our beloved party-loving city jumps at the opportunity to turn almost anything into a week long, citywide celebration (i.e. Miami Boat Show, Winter Music Conference) and Art Basel is no different. Just to be clear—we’re not complaining here, however we’re proud to say that our friends overseas have taken note of our world-class exposure and have stepped up their game.

The result–a re-imagined Art Basel Hong Kong featuring a list of awe inspiring artists and premier events. Though the top-notch affair made its debut this past March, we’re still basking in design heaven. Here are some of our favorite moments from Art Basel Hong Kong 2015 that have us wishing it was already December.

Untitled (Kneeling Woman), Sam Jinks
Australian sculptor Sam Jinks, known for his realistic depictions of human forms, showcased this crouched nude “model” which had people guessing is she, or isn’t she? Real that is.


Untitled, Myeongbeom Kim
This surreal installation by Korean artist, Myeongbeom Kim conveyed a message of the natural and the man-made. The artist invokes curiosity by showing nature converging with oneself in an unpredictable way.


Golden Buddha, Nam June Paik
This thought provoking mixed media installation by Koren artist Nam June Paik, displays a golden Buddha watching itself on a monitor. The piece pokes fun at social media and the world’s obsession with exposure.

Photo by Jessica Hromas/Art Basel 2015

ArndtEko Nugroho
Indonesian artist Eko Nugroho exhibited a collection of works reflecting edgy colorful compositions and imaginative futuristic creatures.


Work-En E, Norio Imai
Japanese Artist Norio Imai creates clean, minimalist sculptures that play with shadowing and depth. His simple yet beautiful approach invokes a skewed look on modern art.

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