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Attributes Of A Successful Designer


Attributes Of A Successful Designer


At the Brand Collective, we like to think that we know a little somethin’ about what makes a great designer, so we’ve generated our own list of attributes that make a highly successful designer. Check out what it takes to make a statement in the design world!

Great Communication:

Most designers “just know” when a design “works;” being able to communicate how and why it works to the client is a different story. This disparity is what separates good designers from the highly successful ones. For example, if you were to select Eason as the chief font for a client’s newsletter design, explaining that you selected it because the client wants to portray his business as classic and sophisticated while still having an easily legible front trumps explaining that it just looks nice.

Always Up-to-date:

That means scanning social media for trending items, paying attention to the all industry-related affairs, and examining changes in consumer behavior. Even more valuable is a designer’s ability to predict trends before they hit the market and to incorporate those insights into their designs. Avant-garde designers become the most successful designers because their work never goes unnoticed, which brings us to our next attribute.


Today it often seems as if it has all been done before, but it’s a designer’s job to keep generating fresh new ideas. What distinguishes the good designers from the great designers is what we call a “wow factor.” Consumers are exposed to thousands of ads, designs, and posts daily, and in doing so they filter out most of that material. Great designers produce work that amidst the masses of marketing materials catches the eye and sticks in the viewers mind.


How do you expect your clients to have confidence in you if you don’t have confidence in yourself? Confidence comes from experience. Successful designers have taken risks and listened for feedback. They have used any criticism constructively to improve their work; and they have learned from their mistakes. Successful designers are confident not just because they produce beautiful designs; but because they know how to collaborate with a variety of clientele to produce something beautiful and authentic, yet at the same time specific to the clients’ business mission.

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