Cask & Barrel



Crafted by spirit industry veterans with over 10 years of experience, Cask & Barrel Club is a one-stop shop for e-commerce alcoholic beverage brands. Our team updated the brand with a full 360 approach refining their presence and portraying their expertise.



_ Logo & Icon Design
_ Visual Identity
_ Tagline Development
_ Illustrations
_ Stock Imagery Sourcing
_ Sales Deck


_ UX/UI Design & Optimization
_ Website Design


Leaders in their industry providing high-quality services for years, Cask & Barrel approached our team to refresh their branding and establish a strong visual identity, something they hadn’t had in the past. To accomplish these goals, our branding team implemented a 360 brand strategy that elevated, refined, and expanded the brand in a way that portrayed their expertise, high-quality services, and tech-focused approach. The visual identity process focused on presenting Cask & Barrel in the correct manner to their target audience, other businesses.

With an outdated logo and wanting to break away from their cliche liquor motifs that did not represent their goals and values correctly, we reimagined it and moved away from the rustic hand-lettered logo into a solid, balanced, and modern typographic mark that spoke of their modern established brand. The typography mirrored that of the logo and expanded on it to create clean, legible type pairing. The colors throughout were inspired by the natural elements that represent liquors the best (browns for wood and whiskey, off-black as a clean accent), paired with soft beige and cream tones while textures focused on live edge woods, refined papers, and leathers, adding an extra layer of detail and versatility to the brand. The new branding accomplished all established goals and represented Cask & Barrel’s visual identity by focusing on their strengths and creating an inviting and professional feel that balances the usually masculine world of alcohols with the female-led company.



With their brand new visual identity, Cask & Barrel enlisted our team to create a custom website with beverage brand businesses in mind – a website that is easy to navigate and visually easy to understand. Through the use of clean and legible type, paired with their new color palette, we created an aesthetically pleasing site that reflects the brand as trustworthy and polished.

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