Design Trends


We’ve been inspired by quite a few design trends lately. Taking a look at what other agencies and creatives are influenced by allows your own agency to keep an eye on the design world pulse. Take a look at a few of the design trends we’re digging:

1. One-Page Scrolling: Pretty convenient one-page sites allow users and viewers to take in information on a single page. Vertically scrolling up or down, allows said users to easily quickly navigate an entire site.

2. Handwritten Fonts: With such a shift towards everything being designed digitally, it’s interesting to see that so many people are fascinated and loving handwritten type. From a lack of clean lines, irregularly sized letters and weights to script, this trend is

handtype3. Mono Crest Type Designs: Maybe it’s the beautiful combination of illustration and typography or it’s the single-weight lines but we love this trend. This modern, clean design has a classic twist that is refreshing. Taking vintage design elements and packaging them for a new era, we’re excited to see where this trend goes.4. Embroidered Lettering: Just. Look. At. This.5. Frames: There’s just something about clean, borders and colorful frames that make us swoon! Lately, we’ve noticed this trend being used in the fashion industry as well as in poster design. It helps bring the elements together, grounding a potentially chaotic look.frame

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