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Holidays are Here


Holidays are Here


The holidays are upon us. And although we won’t be able to feel the chill winter air outside, we’re beginning to feel a bit festive nevertheless. Our modern black Christmas tree with marble and rose gold ornaments puts a spin on the traditional Christmas and fills our design obsessed hearts.

The true meaning of Christmas has been sought after for many years, but the answer is different for everyone. The magic of Christmas is not found in the presents, but in the love and warmth we feel between families, friends and co-workers! We believe traditions keep families close.

Mary Rego shared “At Brand Collective we consider our team to be a little family of it’s own. Our yearly tradition is our Christmas decorating party in which we decorate the tree, enjoy holiday treats, and exchange Secret Santa gifts, and share stories over the past year and extend wishes for the new year to come.”

Handing down beliefs and customs from generation to generation is what makes each memory of the holidays meaningful. Here, at The Brand Collective we asked our team: “What are your family’s Christmas traditions?” Their answers will be sure to put a little jingle in your bells!

“My mom and I always do pink. Pink Christmas tree, pink wrapping paper, pink everything… but no pink presents!” – Nathalia

“Each year after we finish eating Thanksgiving dinner, we drive over to a pine lot and pick up a Christmas tree to trim that evening!” – Alyson

“We have a talent show that my family puts on during Noche Buena .. everyone in my family must participate .. we even have a family band.” – Cristina

“My parents sometimes just put “Santa” instead of who its coming from, even to this day. I’m 30 and still getting gifts from Santa. #winning” – AnnMarie

“We are usually always traveling for Christmas, but we make sure to have a special family dinner the 24th, give out gifts, talk about old memories, and enjoy our time as a family together.” – Valentina

Non Official Sponsor: SKINS

Not having access to the official Olympic imagery and terminology hasn’t stopped smaller brands from finding clever and creative ways to reach their audience. Skins, an Australian sportswear brand, has taken advantage of social media to exploit the Olympic sized restrictions by creating the (un)official “language of sport” through emojis and called it “Esportanto.” The campaign, created by BBD Perfect Storm agency, is an attempt to use sports and technology to transcend language barriers and create a universal way for fans from around the world to communicate during the Games. The brand is asking users to put together their own emoji posters throughout the weeks leading up to the Games and share them on social media to help create the “Esportanto” dictionary. Keeping with the theme of competition, the best posters will be rewarded with a free pair of Skins tights further enticing their audience to participate in the campaign. rio

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