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My Week at TBC


My Week at TBC


At the Brand Collective, it’s our job to be fun, creative, and overall, free thinkers.

It’s a fantastic place to come into work everyday. However, I don’t always have that opportunity. I am a Copy and Marketing Coordinator for the BC Team and I currently work from Orlando, Florida for the next few months until I move to the great city of Miami, where our office resides.

How does this arrangement work, you may ask? Well, a lot like a long-distance relationship. Lots of Skype calls, emails, and online interaction to keep the communication afloat, but every once in awhile, I have the chance to come down and work from the offices alongside my team. Luckily, that was the case last week.

I happened to come at a time full of mischief and exciting new projects. If you stick a bunch of creatives in one room together for too long something genius and chaotic is bound to happen—and that was exactly the outcome as the team prepped for the birthday of our Art Director, Andres.  Let’s just say there were more pranks than gifts… unless you consider your desk wrapped in tinfoil one big shiny gift. Yeah, well neither did Andres, but it sure made for a lot of laughs!

That week was also an exciting compilation of client meetings, event planning, and concept designs. Every team member really does have a hand in every project that comes through the office. From choosing the final logo designs for our client, Sorted Style Services, to Halloween planning for Bâoli Miami, the creativity and idea sharing never ended.

As my week came to close I realized how important of an asset synergy is to a team. I know it’s a small token of knowledge to take away, but trust me; it means a lot when you’re sitting in front of your computer, without the encouragement and inspiration of your peers. I’m counting down the days until I officially move into my desk at The Brand Collective, and create innovative work along side my talented team.

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