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Pantone’s Color of 2015: Marsala


Pantone's Color of 2015: Marsala


The New Year is all about resolutions and new beginnings; enriching minds, bodies, and souls. It seems like Pantone, who revealed its “naturally robust and earthy wine red” color of 2015, “Marsala,” is tapping in to this tradition. Pantone envisions Marsala’s incorporation into upcoming design, fashion, beauty, home furnishings and interiors.

In fashion and beauty, we can imagine Marsala becoming a hit this coming year but are hesitant when it comes to seeing the color come alive in the world of design. We aren’t the only ones who feel this way; New York Magazine’s The Cut described the new Pantone as “icky,” comparing it to tampons and the Olive Garden. Yikes.

Our own initial reaction: “It looks like dried out lipstick from the 1990’s.”

Despite this negative press, it’s not all bad. We believe that, when it comes to this New Year of design, Marsala’s organic nature could be used to spice up print materials—acting as a subtle accent, complimenting fellow colors in a palette.

Even though the name makes us think of chicken (not in a good way), we’re up to the challenge of working with this polarizing shade.

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