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Productive Workspace Trends


Productive Workspace Trends


As a growing small business, we’ve experienced our own share of highs and lows—Founder & CEO, Mary Rego, learned the importance of doing without and putting client interests ahead of her own. Four years later, in the words of famed poet Drake, she and the BC Team “started from the bottom now we’re here.”

“Here” being a sweet, custom office.

Wanting to utilize this opportunity to create a space that is a part of the essential Brand Collective experience, as well as fostering creativity and productivity, we, like any 21st century person, took to the Internet. After countless hours combing through Pinterest and the many floors of Ikea, we’ve developed a unique office space. If you’re looking to redecorate or want ideas for your own office, Fast Company has six productive workspace trends you need to check out.


1. Create Paths For Chance Meetings

Sitting at your desk, working all day isn’t necessarily a sign of a productive day—meeting people, connecting and brainstorming is. By encouraging employees to get friendly during trips to the coffee machine or any common space, you could see an increase in the quality of work being done.

2. Include Nooks Near Common Areas

When your staffers get to chatting, brilliant conversation (and not just the latest Fall TV shows) should be sparked, resulting in innovative solutions. McKelvey, cofounder and chief creative officer of coworking office space WeWork, believes that spontaneous sit-downs are more effective than booking a conference room. To foster these exchanges of visionary ideas, Miguel McKelvey suggests creating areas (or cozy nooks) around these common spaces where good ideas can be fleshed out in privacy.

3. Build Conference Rooms Directly In Common Areas

Because all offices need a designated meeting area, it’s best to build a conference room directly in the middle of your space—complete with glass walls. Plus side: the two-way visual of activity could increase activity for those in the meeting and those looking in. Down side: the two-way visual of activity could distract those who struggle with focusing.

4. Include Booths For Private Conversations

Having been in an open floor plan temporary space, we know the importance of a private space. Whether you need to get on a phone call, have a Skype sesh or just work with no distractions Silicon Valley style, a private room is a must.

5. Create An Agile Workspace

An assigned workspace undoubtedly has its advantages–but being able to move around at your leisure, is key. A change of scenery can be paramount to a creative and effective work environment. Depending on your needs, an agile workspace allows employees to overcome unnecessary distraction and/or increase connectivity.

6. Have Adjustable Desks and Conference Tables

When your job requires you to sit at a desk for hours on end, getting up and moving around is critical. To combat the harmful effects of a sedentary work style, adjustable desks and tables are the perfect way to mix things up.

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