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Quick Links Vol. 1


Quick Links Vol. 1


Our team is always sharing helpful “quick links” with one another—music, inspiration, design ideas, new restaurants to try, etc. This week, we thought we’d round up a few of the sweetest links to share:

  1. – Good Design Makes Me Happy is an amazing site that collects beautiful designed, illustrated, and branded work from around the Internet, to inspire other creative types.
  2. – Another inspiration blog housing some of the most visually stimulating pieces of work on the web.
  3. – Getting in the creative zone requires a little bit of help every now and then. Spotify is our team’s must-use (we’ve got a little something in the works, download Spotify and follow us for more).
  4. – If you’re not using the wonder that is Google Drive, you’re missing out on a real game changer. We love using the drive to share sheets, documents, and calendars. It’s an easy way to edit and view the various important sheets we’ve accumulated as a branding and marketing agency.


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