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Successful Partnership With Your Clients; How-To



Successful Partnership With Your Clients; How-To


The Brand Collective is a boutique agency for a reason—we value having an intimate working relationship with our clients. The idea behind this is for our services to feel like an extension of our client’s own internal marketing team. But like all working relationships, it’s a two-way street. Here are a few effective tips to make your relationship and partnership with clients a stronger one.

Get Acquainted

To accomplish the project at hand you need to go beyond understanding the project details—you need to know your client inside and out. Ask them about their brand, mission, goals, revenue, competition, demographics, etc. Personally, this is our favorite part! Our Agency loves hearing about all of this (we swear). The more a client can tell you, the more effective the strategic planning process will be. Genuine and constructive conversation goes a long way in being able to deliver the best results possible for your client and their business needs.

Be Patient

They might bark, but they don’t bite. Clients come in all shapes and sizes and with that come particular demands and business styles. While your team may be itching to get started on a project, your client may not agree with the direction of your vision. Client feedback is design food for thought. Not every client will give you the pieces of the project puzzle when you’re ready to put them all together.  We strongly suggest making sure you’re both on the same page when it comes to design guidelines and deadlines, which is just a matter of communication. The BC team likes to keep the airwaves wide open. We let our clients know that they are our priority and work hard to secure opportunities for them, often leveraging relationships built over time.

Talk It Out

We like to let our clients know that we have their best intentions in mind. However, we understand that tension and friction can arise in a partnership when there is a rift in understanding. The more your client understands the process; the more they will trust it. Encourage your clients to be involved; encourage them to bring in ideas, concepts, and ask questions whenever something is unclear. When you are able to work together, the best outcomes are achieved! Don’t feel discouraged over opposing ideas—odds are if your client hired your team in the first place, it was because they were impressed by your stellar work (You branding genius, you!)Don’t be afraid to kindly remind your client that your team of experts have got their backs!

Bottom line:ask questions, provide status reports, and explain your course of action to your client. Rekindle that agency love and watch how a working partnership can take your business to new heights!

From your friendly neighborhood branding agency,

– The BC Team

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