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Tips For A Successful Event


Tips For A Successful Event


The research phase of event planning is crucial and often times the most fun. While the Internet can often lead you on a surprisingly creative wild goose chase of inspiration, it’s easy to get thrown off course or overwhelmed to begin the coordination process. Don’t fret! Here are our tips for planning a successful soirée.

Tackle The Big Things First

Jot down some initial ideas and plans you may have and use them as your starting off point. Once you’ve got the big picture down it’s time to map out a list of all elements (décor, entertainment, food, etc.) the more detailed your list the better. While your list may look a bit daunting, highlight your high priority items and focus on these first. This could be anything from finding specialized entertainment or even ordering some “must have” décor pieces that are, unfortunately, only sold overseas. Always factor in the time of the year your event will fall on when coming up with timelines for your planning.


Talk It Out

It is so crucial to keep the lines of communication open between you, your team and the client. The world of events never sleeps, so you may find yourself getting most of your “to dos” done outside of the office. Meeting internally with your team multiple times a week to discuss updates will keep you on track. Once you and your team have gotten the ball rolling on new projects, schedule a time to jump on a call with your client to let them know how everything is coming together. This is the time to present them with options and have them sign off on vendor quotes.


The Devil’s In The Details

It’s important to be aware of which event elements will require some added attention. If you’re working with a vendor or events company that you’ve never worked with before, be sure to be explicit when discussing the exact look you are trying to achieve. Request photos from them to see past projects they’ve been a part of and be sure to send photos of your own if you’re working off of an “inspired by” idea. Anything from ice sculptures, to customized props, and ornate floral should be monitored by someone on your team to ensure your vision is being executed properly.


Trusty Tools

If there is one thing we’ve learned in the world of event planning, it’s to never underestimate the power of a zip tie. You can plan out every last detail and still encounter some day of “hiccups”, not to worry, your trusty makeshift events tool kit is here to save the day. Here are some of our personal life saving favorites we carry in our tool kit, just call us Macgyver.


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