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The Top 5 Online Resources For Any Graphic Designer


The Top 5 Online Resources For Any Graphic Designer


No matter the level of expertise, every great designer knows the importance of utilizing their resources. Here are our top 5 resources for graphic design.

1. Pinterest

pinterest-pin-it-buttonAll designers need a source of inspiration. Since Pinterest displays worlds of graphics from any category, you’re bound to spark a creative flame somewhere. Then, you can create inspiration boards of your favorite work or compile pins specific to a certain project you’re working on. Many designers would agree that Pinterest “inspo” boards are the best way to organize all your jumbled ideas in one location.

2. DeviantArt


For textures and patterns visit to browse the world’s largest art gallery. The art available here is a great base for building your graphic design masterpiece. DeviantArt is also an online social community which gives designers the opportunity to interact with other artists and art enthusiasts.

3. Font Squirrel/My Fonts

fffteyd-34For fabulous fonts look no further than As a designer it can be tough to find quality fronts that are both free for use and licensed for commercial work, but Front Squirrel provides a wide selection. Just search for a desirable font, upload the font file to your site, and add the font to your CSS! Their web-embedded-ready fronts make the process simple and easy to use and their fonts are supported by all major browsers! However, if you happen to come across a font from anywhere else and would like to know what it is, you can avoid the endless search by using the “what the font” tool from to identify it!

4. COLOURlovers

Screen shot 2015-06-24 at 7.10.30 PM

Color sets the mood. So when it comes to mastering the design you’ve envisioned, mastering the right color combinations is essential. All good design plans include a color scheme. provides a great place to start when selecting a color scheme for your graphic design. Via Colourlovers people around the world are able to share the color palettes and patterns they’ve created. You can browse all the color options or refine your search by selecting a theme.

5. Graphic Burger for mock-ups


After you’ve perfected and completed your graphic design, the best way to show off your work is by mocking it up. Whether you’d like your design displayed on a tablet, wine bottle, or anything else in between has all the mock-up templates your heart desires!

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