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In today’s world, a brand’s image thrives on originality and a little bit of buzz. We strive to fashion the most innovative marketing strategies to position your brand ahead of the competition. We don’t believe in creating temporary buzz but rather, a lasting impression for your brand through strategic marketing tactics, creative design and social media influence. That’s where we come in.

Our team at The Brand Collective, view your brand as an experience. How the guest views your brand is a symbol of product excellence and passionate service. In fact, the experience you build becomes your key message and sets you apart from the competition.


Featured Projects

Neo Tokyo New Year’s Eve Event 2014

It was the last day of 2013; everyone was preparing, ready to ring in the new year. Bâoli opened its doors, time traveling guests to an electric city where neon lights, handmade sushi rolls served by naked girls, and female ninjas fighting robots became the norm. Welcome, they said, to Neo Tokyo.

Partnering with the Brand Collective, Bâoli Miami created their vision for Miami's first Neo Tokyo New Year's Eve celebration, featuring various sets of futuristic props and designs that transformed the venue into a luminescent, tron-like world boasting a customized neon media wall with beautiful models posing for pictures and providing bottle services.


Regarded as one of the world's most well-known brands, Carrera Sunglasses recently introduced their latest collection of sungalsses, Carrera Escape. With their launch event taking place in Santo Domingo, we meshed their passion for racing into an elegant invitation design.

Bâoli Love Boat Event 2014

Cannes’ famed “Love Boat” party made it’s way to the shores of Miami Beach once more with the return of the yearly fête, just in time for the Miami International Yacht and Boat Show. With the transformation into a nautical paradise, we created an atmosphere where guests enjoyed an on-yacht experience in the comfort of Bâoli's exclusive outside garden.

Clad in white and navy, servers represented a nautical crew, from Captains to ship-mates, and VIP guests indulged in a variety of seafood dishes and selections from the raw bar menu, with DJ Master Gil from Bâoli Cannes surrounded by the sexiest dressed female sailors.

Bâoli Digital

Bâoli Miami has quickly become one of the hottest nightlife locations in Miami Beach. In order to effectively manage Bâoli's growing popularity, The Brand Collective implemented a series of digital strategies and campaigns to gain traction on monthly newsletter releases, weekly event notifications, event wrap-ups, promotional pieces, and more. Our digital tools comprise a large segment of all promotional and marketing strategies for Bâoli Miami, which we use to attract attention to both digital press and event pieces, as well as elevate revenue potential.